FETA Group Meeting This Sunday, July 28, 2013 - Connect, Share, Listen, Learn!

Announcing...The Next FETA Sacramento Meeting:

Sunday, July 28
3:00-4:30 p.m.

Connect with other PARENTS WHO GET IT!!

Often the most beneficial support a parent of child who receives special education services can have is getting together with other parents. Parents who understand can help each other by sharing their experiences and giving real life examples that will help others in their situations. 

FETA (From Emotions to Advocacy) Group, Sacramento - The Special Education Survival Guide discussion group monthly meet-up! 


We are continuing our study of Wrightslaw From Emotions to Advocacy, Special Education Survival Guide, Section 2 - Advocacy 101 (chapters 4-7). Link to study questions for Section 2 - Advocacy 101. http://fetagroup-sacramento.blogspot.com/p/section-2.html

Check out the FETA Web on Wrightslaw for additional information and related articles on these chapters. Very helpful!http://www.fetaweb.com/

For additional information and study questions, contact Angie at corngie  at | gmail | dot |com.


We study Wrightslaw:  Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, The Special Education Survival Guide by Pam Wright and Pete Wright, Founders of the Wrightslaw website. The Wrightslaw book is packed full of vital information! I find it very helpful to read this book before IEP meetings and also whenever I have a question. It's a great resource!


If you would like to join a FETA discussion group in Sacramento, in your area, or online, contact me -- Angie Sutherland at corngie  at | gmail | dot |com.  I am happy to discuss my experiences in starting a group and to share resources that have been developed. It's fairly easy to start a group on your own. FETA Groups are not sponsored by Wrightslaw but the idea did come from the Wrightlsaw blog (The Wrightslaw Way:  http://www.wrightslaw.com/info/advo.feta.groups.htm. FETA Groups are community groups and can be formed to meet the needs of those who make up the group.


Angie Sutherland