Great FETA discussion group meeting with awesome parents sharing IEP experiences and encouragement!!

The FETA Group Sacramento recently got together for a truly great meeting.


 (1) Being an effective parent advocate = PREPARATION. Always go to the IEP meeting as prepared as possible. If you feel that your child's IEP meeting was rushed, you can meet again with the IEP team. You do not have to sign the IEP document at the meeting. Don't feel pressured. If you have any hesitation, tell your team you need more time to review everything. You also have the right to receive copies of all assessments and IEP goal progress reports to review prior to the meeting so that you are fully prepared for the meeting. Be sure to put your request in writing.

(2) Parents often feel frustrated with a lack of communication about how their child is doing in school. As a parent, be actively involved in monitoring and observing your child's progress. Parents also reported that the more involved they are at school, the better the communication is, as well as (Read more....)